“Geraldina Sposa” amazement on its 20th anniversary brings all “VIPs” together on the annual Gala Event.

It was just a few days ago, since the day when the Albanian Fashion Company, inheriting the name of the first Albanian Queen “Geraldina Sposa”, has completed 20 years in the Albanian fashion market. Via the slogan “20 Years of dressing dreams”, the Event Organisation and Bridal Gowns Company, has continued with its longstanding tradition of decorating the dreams of every Albanian girl, on the happiest day of her life. This Gala Event was attended by Info Media Albania, represented by our journalist Mr. Gerald Qerimi, who is conveying the event’s atmosphere to us.

The Gala Event organized at the Palace of Brigades assembling altogether the well-known personalities of art, politics, business, and the Albanian media. The event started off with a magnificent reception at the entrance hall, easily distinguishing the ground-breaking details creating the difference. The guests invited in this gala event, were congratulating the two organizers, Ms. Marcela Lati and Mr. Armand Peza, whilst taking photos with these two personalities, who had created the colossal Company “Geraldina Sposa”. The Palace of Brigades’ enormous premise was gathering the guests one by one, while they were taking the first photos with each-other at the entrance hall. This Gala Event was managed by the founder of this Company, the indefatigable person Mr. Armand Peza, who has been dressing dreams for 20 years. In an emotional speech, without any script to read, with words coming directly from his heart, he was mentioning the efforts made to this great achievement today, on the “Geraldina Sposa” 20th anniversary. The Gala Event’s limelight was the perfectly marvellous bridal gowns of this company. The bridal dresses’ fashion walk was introduced by well-known Albanian fashion models and television personalities such as: Xhesika Berberi, Afroviti Goga, Adrola Dushi, Andresa Ambrosia, Matilda Micini, Viola Spiro, Jona Spahiu etc. The Albanian music and applauses were accompanying the performance of the wedding dresses. The fashion walk continued with the participation of the brides, who have celebrated their wedding with a wedding gown from “Geraldina Sposa” Company, and these were really adored from the guests in this event. The Gala Event reached its peak, with the participation of four well-known personalities for the Albanian public: Aurela Gaçe, Enada Hoxha, Jonida Maliqi and Ornela Bregu. The fashion walk was accompanied under the tunes of the famous song by Tina Turner “Simply the best”, and in the fairylike atmosphere and manifestation of the fireworks. Later on, the event took place on the other side of the Palace, with the guests commenting on the event and enjoying the time under the rhythm of the music and each-other. “Geraldina Sposa” Gala Event is one of the most noteworthy Albanian Fashion events, where are assembled all together well-known personalities of television and different areas. The main curiosity of this event is related to the VIP guests, who are part of the comments from Albanian media. You will find below the photos of these personalities parading in the Palace of Brigades’ Gala Event. This Gala Event on “Geraldina Sposa” 20th anniversary came into an end, but it will be remember for so long in the memories of the guests and it will be prominent in the Albanian Fashion history. IMA-Albania

“Geraldina Sposa” launches its new bridal gowns collection and its “brand” on the 20th anniversary

An exceptional show of its kind was perfectly organised last night by “Geraldina Sposa” at the Palace of Brigades, where this agency started the celebration of the 20th anniversary, combined in a Gala Event with approximately 1100 guests invited. The spectacular ceremony organized at the Palace of Brigades, made together personalities from the Albanian showbiz. In this Event was introduced the inimitable collection from esteemed bridal gowns companies, an irreproachable exclusive collection pursues excellence in design by the Italian designers.

On its 20th anniversary of its foundation, Geraldina Sposa assembled all together in the Palace of Brigades’ premises, personalities from politics, showbiz, business diplomacy and media. The new bridal gowns collection was introduced in a fashion walk not only from the models, while the bridal gowns of Geraldina Sposa were splendidly introduced from the famous personalities of the Albanian showbiz as well, retrospectively introducing the bridal gowns from these ladies, who became brides many years ago since 1996. Very well-known personalities, such as Aurela Gaçe, Enada Hoxha, Ornela Bregu, Vilma Papajani, Linda Dervishaj and 26 brides throughout the history. Innovation of this year event is the exceptional collection of “Geraldina Sposa”, entirely ground-breaking, on a successful cooperation with the Italian Designers. In this Event were present Ms. Linda Rama, the Prime Minister’s spouse, members of parliament from the Democratic Party in Albania Ms. Majlinda Bregu and Jorida Tabaku, and many other honourable national and internationals officials. In the end of the fashion walk, the guests were attending the prearranged cocktail in their honour, at the Palace of Brigades.