About Us

It is exactly 20 years ago, we inaugurated the very first wedding gowns salon, since the time when the brides were knocking on apartment doors to rent a white wedding gown, being brought “from abroad”.

We then called it “Geraldina Sposa”, in the honour of the Austrian Countess Geraldine, who became the Queen of Albanian, Her Majesty the Queen, only for a while, but remaining on everyone’s memory because of her charm and elegance.

We have being working hard, so that every single bride entering into our wedding gowns saloon, being treated as a real Queen.

Proudly we consider our company, the perfect place providing all necessary services to organize a wedding event or celebration, and not just a simple wedding gowns shop, where the bride shall find the latest fashionable wedding gown.

Many things have changed since the first foundation date, 3th June 1995, when Geraldina Sposa for the first time opened its doors to all brides. While living the changes of the wedding gowns collections, lace, silk or chiffons, Geraldina Sposa’s Spirit have remained unchanged throughout the years. Thanks to this Spirit, we have been dressing the magic dreams of our brides for 20 years.